Alexandra Stephenson

Alex started practicing yoga in her mid-20s as another form of exercise, and thought in the back of her mind how it would make such a wonderful and fulfilling career. She continued to practice on and off throughout the years to help relieve stress and sciatic pain. In addition, she also enjoyed the deep relaxation it induced in her and the mind, body, soul connection. Seeking relief from chronic sciatic pain, she began acupuncture and yoga on a regular basis. Yoga has proved to be one of the most popular and effective alternative therapies to treat sciatica. That is when she decided that teaching Yoga was her calling in 2012. Today, her passion is to share her devotion of the benefits of yoga practice with others.

Class Description:

Alex’s classes focus on the connection of body, mind and breath and making space to move energy throughout the body; to help balance the self, induce relaxation and calm the mind. She combines flows, deep stretching and restorative poses while getting safely and deep into the asanas (postures), with her knowledge of alignment principles to help guide students to attain the maximum benefit from the practice. She brings a rich understanding of therapeutics and her classes are for everyone, from beginners to seasoned practitioners. Every class is different, every time, and she may incorporate: aromatherapy, pranayama (breathing techniques), visualization, chakras (psychic centres), working with the bandhas (the locks for channeling energy), eye yoga, mantra meditation, and mudras (hand gestures).