Jared San Nicolas

Jared San Nicolas has over 15 years of experience in the health and fitness industry and a strong passion for helping people maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Jared's knowledge about fitness and training led others to seek his advice well before he became a trainer.  Since high school, he has been actively involved in personal training, starting out as an assistant in weight training class in 2001.  He was also a certified water safety instructor and lifeguard for over 5 years.

These experiences strengthened his coaching abilities and showed him how much he enjoyed helping other people.  Jared has established himself through his positions in the 4S Ranch community with past employers such as High Country West, La Fitness, and CrossFit.  After years of teaching in the community, it only seemed natural for Jared to open a CrossFit of his own in the area he knows best.

Jared is a strong believer in practicing what you preach which is why when Jared isn't coaching, you can find him doing the WOD's right along side you.