Thursday 6.6


75 T2B for time…

-Every time you drop, perform 8 BW/.75BW bench press + 10 Calories on the Rower or Bike


4 sets:

1 minute of med-ball sit-up + Russian twist = 1 rep

1 minute of renegade rows

1 minute of rest

Chad Ross, Age 43

2 kids (Brady -14 & Marin -4) + 2 step-kids in training (Sophia - 11, Jake - 4)

Years of CrossFit?

6 years

How has CrossFit made you a better dad?

I think CF is a great balancing force in our crazy life, and certainly helps me stay patient and focused. It’s an outward symbol of commitment to striving to be successful at something difficult, and I think that is a great lesson for our kids, and a source of pride when we see them living that lesson in their own athletic pursuits. I also am so grateful that Kim and I have time together to connect and challenge ourselves and each another.

Fun Fact?

Thanks to CrossFit, I found love (Kim), and thanks to love, I found CrossFit (Barracks)!